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Haiti Update 18/01/10

A child who was orphaned by the earthquake, after his broken arm was set at a temporary hospital assisted by HF

Dear Friends,

I’m glad that I have some encouraging news to report from Haiti.

He is Alive! Yesterday morning I learned that a dear Haitian friend of thirty years, pastor Preval Meritil, is alive. He is not only alive, he is well. He has been using his old Land Rover to transport believers from Port-au-Prince, where relief efforts are bottlenecked at the airport, to his church compound up in the mountains, several hours away. Residents of Port-au-Prince are streaming from the city to escape scarcity of food and water, the stench of death, continued aftershocks, and the escalating violence.

Safe Water for 10,000: HF International Director Chuck King successfully delivered 100 Sawyer Water filters to our primary representative in the bordering nation of the Dominican Republic ($4,000 worth). Those filters can provide enough safe drinking water for 10,000 people each day. Initially, they are being distributed to several field hospitals where the need is so great.

Food and Meds Delivered: Area representative James Jones traveled overland into Haiti to deliver some of those water filters, as well as food, bottled water and medical supplies provided by Heaven’s Family. He has shipped similar supplies by air. He has also helped set up a MASH unit on Haiti’s border that is treating the injured who are flown in by helicopter. He is bringing in thirty medical interns and ten surgeons from the Dominican Republic.

Our Orphanages: Until I spoke with pastor Preval, the only news we had about our two orphanages in Haiti was an unconfirmed report that eight orphans were found alive in Port-au-Prince. We anxiously waited for more news, but feared the worst. Praise God, however, pastor Preval reported that all the orphans are alive and uninjured, as well as the orphanage directors! He said their greatest need right now is for food. I’ll let you know more details as further news comes in. Please keep praying for them.

Heading to Haiti: I’m currently in London on ministry business, but will arrive home this evening. I’ll be leaving for Haiti early tomorrow morning along with HF staff member Jeff Trotter. We’re hoping to reach our orphanage in Port-au-Prince (although that may be too dangerous at this time), as well as assess where we should focus next. Thanks so very much for your help once again. Your compassion is making a difference.

In Christ,


David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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