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Quotes from 1st Clement

1st Clement is an early Church letter written by Clement of Rome. To many early Christians they actually accepted it as canonical Scripture until the 3rd and 4th Centuries when he was deemed not to be inspired. Whether it is Scripture or not it is still well worth reading to understand the early Church and for our own benefit. I wish to just leave a few quotes for you to ponder.

1st Clement 13:1, “And so we should be humble minded, brothers, laying aside all arrogance, conceit, foolishness, and forms of anger; and we should act in accordance with what is written. For the Holy Spirit says, “The one who is wise should not boast about his wisdom, nor the one who is strong about his strength, nor the one who is wealthy about his wealth; instead, the one who boasts should boast about the Lord, seeking after himand doing what is just and right.”

1st Clement 49:1, “The one who experiences love in Christ should do what Christ commanded.”

1st Clement 54:2-4, “Let that one say, “If I am the cause of faction, strife, and schismms, I will depart; I will go wherever you wish and do what is commanded by the congregation. Only allow the flock of Christ to be at peace with the presbyters who have been appointed.” The one one who does this will have made himself eminent in Christ and will be welcomed everywhere. “For the earth, and all that is in it, belongs to the Lord.” Those who have performed their civic duty, without duty to God, without regrets, have done these things and will continue to do them.”

I hope you enjoy them.

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