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A Disgraceful decision by CAF

This is a departure from my usual topics but I wished to make a comment on the African Cup of Nations 2010.

Despite some of the great football  and the final today should be a good final between Egypt and Ghana, what will this tournament be remebered for? I suggest that it will be remembered for the terrorist attack on the Togolese team before the tournament when 3 people where killed and a number of people including the goalkeeper where seriously injured. As a result Togo pulled out of the tournament. If this wasn’t bad enought now the imbeciles in charge of African football (CAF) issues a statement last night which stated “Following a decision taken by players to participate in the competition, the Togolese government decided to call back their national team. The decision taken by the political authorities is infringing Caf and [Nations Cup] regulations. Therefore, a decision has been taken to suspend Togo for the next two editions.” to add insult to injury they also fined Togo £50,000. This is an absolute disgrace. This is like say Northern Ireland, England or whatever nation you support going to say a world cup or European Championship, being attacked by terrorists and see 3 of their people killed. As a result they decide to withdraw from the tournament and then Fifa or Uefa banning them from the next 2 tournaments. This would never happen.  Caf are totally inept run by a man who has been in charge of them for 23 years who refuses to stand down. In effect he is a dictator. I hope that Caf have a change of heart or else they will be the laughing stock of world football. For more info check out the bbc sport website.

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