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Thoughts on Genesis 1:1-3 – Tri-unity

This isn’t a full study on this passage just a few thoughts. The first verse of Genesis in Hebrew is translated “Beresheeth bara Elohim et ha Shamayim V-et ha-aretz”. The Hebrew word in this passage “et” is spelled Aleph-Tav which are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet and are used to describe God’s son in the renewed Covenant (NT). This is connected to the verse in Colossians 1:16-17 which says “because in concetion with him were created all things — in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, lorships, rulers or authorities — they have all been created through him and for him. He exisyed before all things, and he holds everything together.” We see that from the very begining Jesus (Yeshua) was and still is. We see here that the Son (Yeshua) is the true creator and that the Father is the master designer. I would also like to make the suggestion that within the first 3 verses of Genesis (B’resheet) we find what is comonly known as the Trinity (although a better word in my opinion is the Tri-unity). The word God in verse one is the word El0him which is the plural word for God so even within tis word we find a plural Godhead which obviously at least includes the father although I would say it also includes the Holy Spirit and the Son as well. When we move into verse 2 we read about the “Spirit of God” this is translated as Ruach haKadosh which is the owrd for Holy Spirit. And then we come to verse 3 where God said, “let there be light”. What light is God referring to. It is obviously not the sun, moon or stars as these aren’t created until day 4 in verse 14. So what is this light? I would again like to suggest that the light God is referring to here is none other that the Light of the World, God’s own Son. Many times in Scripture Jesus is referred to as the Light so why not at the begining of time. One last thought on why I believe that the Godhead is plural in nature rather than Singular is in verse 26 when God (which is Elohim) said “Let Us”. Who is God talking to if he is is only singular” God is not schizophrenic in that he is talking to himself. He is talking to The Spirit of God and the Son of God. Throughout Scripture God is always referred to as “ONE” but what we miss in the english is that in Hebrew there are 2 words for ONE. The first is Yachid wich referrs to an ultimate strict one with absolutely no devision. The other word is Echad which referres to a Unit of One which is One but has different parts. The word Echad is the one that is always used in Scripture when referring to God. So we see that the Tri-unity is not just a new Christian doctrine but rather it has been there from the begining. God is the same Yesterday, Today and tomorrow. Think on these things as you go about your day. Have a good day.

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