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Is “Our” Jesus too small?

I have just started reading a book at the moment called “Putting Jesus in His place – The case for the Deity of Christ” by Robert Bowman and J. Komoszewski. It was recpmended to me by Seth from the JudeaoXian blog.  If you have plans to buy one book this year buy it. It is written in a style that should appeal to most people it is academic enough to appeal to the academics amonst us but also written in a way that lay peopel could read also. But most importantly it deals with the question “who is Jesus?” and “who do you say he is?”. Over the next while when I come accross some parts of it that I think I should share with you I will.

I wish to share a quote from it. ” Christians are guilty of the syndrome “Your Jesus is too small.” We have made Jesus our “big brother” and “friend” to such an extent that we have lost the sense that he is also our sovereign Lord. We must recapture the realization that he too is our God and worthy of worship at the deepest level.”

In the my life time I have witnessed the Church moving from one extreme to another. In my early years our view of Jesus was so reverental and foreign that Christians for the most part lived in fear that they would do something which would displease Jesus and that you could only pray in a way that did not mention everyday things as “Jesus was to busy to deal with that.” Now we have moveed to a position where most people especially youg people look at Jesus as their “budy”. Both these positions are wrong. We need to get back to a position where we look at Jesus in reverance and don’t treat him with disrepect but at the same time be able to take everything to Jesus in prayer. We need to get away from looking at Jesus as too small but rather look at Him so big that He encompasses the whole Universe and Heaven itself.

Have a good day

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