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Why God, Why?

We have all at different times asked the question, “why do bad things happen to good people”? Books have been written about it and people have spoken about it. But everytime you hear someting bad happening the question keeps coming back again. Yesterday My Wife (Gwendyta) heard some bad news from Ecuador. A friend who she had gone to university with had died along with her husband and one of her children, She and her family had been missionaries in Central Asia. After 5 years they had come home on furlough and where planning to go back in June this year. On Saturday night Her Husband, her, her 2 children and her father where driving when some teenagers who where driving a truck while drunk crashed into them killing the 2 parrents and one child leaving behind her father and one child. Why do things like this happen. Yes I know and have read all the theological reasoning and while it does make sense in does help in the moment. I must admit that when I first heard about it I asked why wheren’t these drunk stupid teenagers killed? And if they wheren’t killed why did no one who was about at the time not chase after them when they ran away like the cowards that they are? When I hear stories like this I always wonder why God allowed it to happen and why did people who serve Him suffer and die while people who wasting their life survive? I always come back to the book of Job at times like this. If you are looking for concrete answers to why specific things happen to specific people you will be disappointed. But for me the book of Job gives us permission to ask questions of God. Even shout and get angry at God. You may not get an answer but it sure does help when you get all your frustration out. Maybe it is good that we do not know why things happen. And maybe it is definitely good that I am not in control. God’s ways are mysterious to us. It is at times like this that we realise how short life can be and no one knows what a day may bring. All we can do is Love God with all are being, love are families and serve God and not our own selfish desires. I pray that God will be with the we girl of 9 who survived and her extended family  and that despite what has happened and she will feel God protection.

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  1. February 24, 2010 at 1:49 am

    I also knew this lady, who is now before God’s throne. I also asked why. And I don’t know the answer. Psalms also helps me to feel free to ask those difficult questions to the Lord. Try it!

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