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Hope in Haiti

Hi, this is a recent update that I received from Shepherd Serve re Haiti that I thought I should share with you.

Believers at Arcahaie Resettlement Camp in Haiti have not forgotten how to praise God.

The media spotlight no longer shines on the plight of those who are suffering in the earthquake’s aftermath. Heaven’s Family, however, is diligently at work, serving “the least of these.” And because of your compassion, I’m happy to report some good news.

We are focusing our efforts on the Arcahaie Resettlement Camp north of Port-au-Prince. About 2,000 brothers and sisters in Christ—whose homes were destroyed in the quake—now live there. Through the dedication and hard work of James Jones, Heaven’s Family’s Latin America Director, we’ve maintained a lifeline to that camp via the neighboring Dominican Republic. So far, we’ve provided several tons of food, hundreds of water filters, two-hundred tents, as well as medicine and clothing.

New tents, with foundations, are carefully set up to withstand the elements (left), and then tested by kids having fun posing for a photo

Food and other necessities delivered (left), and a boy very happy to have beans and rice for supper

The saints at the Arcahaie Resettlement Camp will require our continued assistance for some months into the future, but we’re already at work to help them become self-sufficient as soon as possible. To that end, we’re providing the camp with materials to start their own soap-making business. This simple means of generating income has been proven in other areas of the world. We’re also providing them with plenty of water filters so that they can enjoy safe drinking water for themselves, and for a nominal fee, supply safe water for their neighbors as another source of income.

Once again, on behalf of our hurting spiritual family in Haiti, thank you so much for your compassion in their time of need.

In Jesus,

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