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Chavez wants to regulate Internet

When I started this blog I stated that I would be talking about faith and politics. Well as you have probably noticed I have mostly blogged about faith. Today I wish to talk a bit about politics. I came across a news story today about Chavez (the arch enemy of democracy and all right thinking people). Chavez has called not only for regulating what is said and done on the internet, but also wants to close down such sites which criticise him. He mention facebook and twitter in his 2 hour rant (2 hours is nothing he once went on for 8 hours straight talking mostly rubbish). This isn’t the first time that Chavez has supported censorship. In 2007 Chavez refused to renew the license for television station RCTV, which is now battling to survive as a cable-only operator. The government has also put pressure on opposition TV network Globovision to soften its editorial line and last year closed dozens of radio stations for administrative breaches. 

If Chavez has his way all opposition voices will be silenced. Chavez isn’t the only one to mention such idea. Correa (Ecudor’s President) and Morales (Bolivia’s president) have also mentioned similar things in the past. When Tony Blair and George Bush where Prime minister and President respectively many people accused Tony Blair of being Bush’s poodle. But now where are the voices accusing Correa and Morales of being poodles who can’t think for themselves either. The hypocricy of the Left. You leftists should be ashamed of yoursleves (I gather you can see that I am definitly not a leftist but rather I am definitly on the RIGHT)

While I think that there is a lot of rubbish and lies on the internet, if we start stopping people from haveing their say even if we disagree with them then where will it end. I have always said that if you do not learn history then you are doomed to repreat it and if we look at countries where censorship was brought in we can clearly see where it ends up. It will end up in the gulag camps of Russia, North Korea, China etc. or the Holocaust of Nazi Germany or the killing fields of Pol Pot. I can say a lot of things about Chavez but one thing for sure is that he is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing and he will stop at nothing until he drags Venezuala and the rest of Latin America with him. The stupid ones or those who vote for him (and other presidents who follow him) while they still have a chance to change their countries destiny.

I pray that God will save Latin America before it is too late and that people will continue to come to faith in Jesus and worship him in freedom.

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