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A few thoughts on Adoption

I just want to throw out a few thoughts on the issue of Orphans. I have been thinking about this for a while now and thought I would throw it out there. Before I start I want to make clear that I have no problem with orphanages or westerners adopting orphans (I have been supporting the organisation Shepherd Serve for many years), but I want to see is there a better way or even an alternative to the way things happen currently.

 I for one believe that Children should be raised in a family environment with a Mummy and Daddy as the ideal (although this is not always possible if one leaves or dies). It should never be (like in the UK) allowed or permitted for homosexuals to adopt (In my opinion this is child abuse of a psychological nature and should be stamped out immediately).

 Though the organisation I support they help many orphanages round the world like in East Africa, Latin America and Burma to name but a few places. These places do a good job and provide a good Christian environment for these Children. But they are still only a replacement for a real family and they are institutions. People who live a long time in institutions become institutionalised and I have seen this with my own eyes through my work. Again let me reiterate that these places are doing a good job but they are not the ideal.

 In the Letter of James, James makes it very clear that one of our responsibilities of believers is to look after orphans and widows. But are we doing this or are we taking the easy way out by opening up institutions. My idea is simple that believers who are capable should adopt some of these Orphans especially in the nation where they are from (although western Adoption is also fine but is very expensive, especially with all the corruption which goes on). Take for example the City of Guayaquil in Ecuador. There are 100’s of Evangelical Churches some large some small. If for instance each Church agreed to find one family within the Church who where capable and willing to Adopt, then overnight you would see 100’s of orphans in Guayaquil being adopted into a Christian environment. The family would supply spiritual as well as physical needs for the child. The Church could supply support. And if there was a problem with finance, in that the best family for the job didn’t have money to provide or the Church was too poor, then money that was coming from the West to support the orphanages could be diverted to the family. For a start this would save £1000’s as it would be cheaper for a family to look after an adopted child than an orphanage and it would also be better the child to be taken out of the institution and placed into a normal family. Obviously all the right check would need to be made. But if this was done in Church after Church; city after city and nation after nation, sooner or later there would be very few orphans left in need of help.

Obviously these are just ideas and need to be fleshed out a bit but I think they are ideas that could be built on. When you walk down some of these City centres, whether they by Guayaquil, Rio or anywhere else, there is no need to have to see children begging, working and living in squalor if we would all pull or resources and ideas together. Maybe I am being a bit to simplistic about this, but I do believe that it is possible to at the very least place a child in a loving warm family where they will at the very least have there basic needs met, both physical and Spiritual. The only down side in my ideas as far as I can see is that it would mean the closing down of many orphanages world wide. What a good day that would be. Yes unfortunately orphanages are still needed at present and I encourage you to keep supporting organisation which supports them. But eventually it would be good to see our support being diverted from orphanages to Christian families who have adopted these children. It is not an impossible goal, but a very realistic goal if only we are to work together. At the end of the day we are called as believers to take care of orphans and shouldn’t this mean in the best possible environment possible.

 Have a think about it and come up with ideas of how we can help. Maybe God has called you to be one of these families who are prepared to adopt. If so do it. Think about it.

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