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Ravi Zacarias – Answers Question on homosexuality

Great answer to a very serious question

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Unsystematic Theology

June 27, 2015 1 comment

If you are ever in the study room of a Pastor or Teacher in your Church there is one type of book (apart from the Bible) that you will always find, this is a book usually titled Systematic Theology. Depending on their denomination or theological bent they will have the appropriate version. There is nothing wrong with these books and I myself have used them and studied them while in Bible College. But a though occurred to me the other day that they have one serious flaw and this flaw is that they are too systematic. In an earlier post I contrasted the difference between Greek and Hebraic though and these ideas are applicable here. The idea of systematizing your theology is Greek thought which argues that everything in your life must be logically. Your theology must be compartmentalized and logical in all areas. This works to a point but I feel that if this is the only way that you work out your theology then you are short changing yourself. When you read the Bible the Bible does not have a chapter or verse on the existence of God, The nature of God, The Messiahship of Christ, The nature of the Church or the End Times. Rather the Bible is Narrative which interweaves all this thoughts into one big tapestry. We cannot understand the Nature of God without also connecting it with creation, Christ, the Church or the End Times. When we try to box up particular theological ideas we will only see part of the picture. The Bible is not not a systematic book it is rather a very unsystematic book which uses stories to help us understand the whole picture and Story of God and His people. You can systematize ideas but not people. I am not saying that you shouldn’t use such ideas but maybe we have come to rely on this way of thinking to our spiritual detriment. Maybe we should read the Bible as a narrative of wonderful stories the way that you would have read it in Sunday School instead of always reading it as just a theological text book.

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God Breathed

See-Your-Breath-560x292 I was reading 2 Timothy 3:16-17 recently which says, All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and training in right living; thus anyone who belongs to God may be fully equipped for every good work.” I have believed and must commentaries that I have read also believe that these verses are talking about God being the inspiration behind all Scripture. I believed and still believe that this is true, but the more I read the Bible I have come to realise that the Bible is like an onion in that each passage has more that one level.And each level while possible talking about different things at the same time can still be true in each of its levels. Just remember that the Bible was not written by logical so called enlightened Europeans but rather by Middle Easterners who thought and still think in a very different way to us.

Now back to the passage. The part that I want to focus on is the words God breathed in relation to Scripture. The word God in the Bible is usually used to convey 2 different ideas. In the majority of case the word God is used to convey the Father. In some other cases it is used to convey the idea on the Trinitarian Godhead. In this verse I wish to put forward the idea of the Father. The next word breathed is used on numerous occasion in Scripture to convey the idea of the Holy Spirit.So if we run with this idea then Scripture is the Father breathing out the Holy Spirit. Now this on its own doesn’t add very much to this verse but what is the job of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirits number one job is to point towards Jesus. So what I believe that this verse is pointing at is that All of Scripture is about Jesus. It is all simply the Father breathing out the Holy Spirit in order to reveal Jesus on every book, chapter and verse of the Bible. If you want to now about Jesus you don’t simply read the Gospels or the New Testament, but you can find Jesus in Genesis, Joshua, Haggai, Kings etc etc. Jesus is the central theme of the Bible. He was there in the beginning before Genesis 1:1 and He will be there after Revelation 22:21. Jesus is the foundation, building blocks and roof of the Bible.

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I am Back

I hope to restart this blog in a few days time.I have been absent for a couple of years now but hopefully I will be able to to start posting on a more regular basis.


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